Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is Your Weakest Link?

We have all heard the saying about the "weakest link" There was even some crazy reality show with that title. The greatest illustration of how powerful the weakest link was told to me by an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, Ben Mangan.

Ben pulled out a few links of really heavy duty chain. He then went to another bag and pulled out a slightly lighter grade of chain. He each time he did this, he asked the audience if they would feel comfortable being supported by that chain if it were hooked to an elevator that they were suspended in 50 feet above the ground. He kept repeating the process until he pulled out a few links of a very thin chain (about the strength that you would find on a little child's home swing set).

"Now, how comfortable would you be if this were attached to the elevator car?" No hands went up.
"How about if we move it to the top of the shaft?" Still no hands.
"The rest of the chain is very heavy duty. All of you said you were completely comfortable with those chains holding you above the ground. What if we put the little chain in the middle of the linkage. That should balance everything out." Still no hands.

His illustration was crystal clear. Even though you have tremendous strength in most of the chain, you are only as strong as your weakest link. How does this translate into business? You may have an exceptional sales staff, service staff, and management team; but if your reception area is staffed by grumpy people, all of that strength is lost.

If you focus all of your time on training, but none on prospecting, that is your weakest link. My challenge to you is that you identify your "weakest link" in business and take steps right now to fix or remove it. Your results will be great!

Something to think about!

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