Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Avoid the Easy, Embrace Success Challenges


Why would you want to avoid what is easy?

We all like it when life is easy, when we can coast by, when we can stay in our comfort zones. As I've discussed in previous posts, all growth happens outside of our comfort zone, not inside of it.

  • It is easier to repeat and re-post something without actually digging down to verify that it is true. 

  • It is easier to emote than it is to think. 

  • It is easier to react instead of respond. 

We live in a world of instant gratification where we all want our success yesterday. We all would rather have success sooner rather than later. (Related article: Success Playbook)

When someone is given something instead of having to work for it, there is little if any appreciation for it. People who are handed something without expectation of effort or sacrifice miss out on the crucial gift of becoming more as a person, and learning from the journey. 

What are you doing to embrace the uncomfortable and avoid the easy?

I'm off to hit the gym because it is not as easy as sitting and watching the river float by!

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