Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 Business Lessons from Rock and Roll's #1 Photographer

A picture may be worth 1000 words, yet most people race through the blur of life without pausing to capture the every day magic moments right in front of them. Magic memory opportunities present themselves inside of your business and in life every day. Will you leave the lens cap on?
Tom O'Neal is one of rock 'n roll's most legendary photographers. He and I had an opportunity to catch up following a speaking event in Las Vegas. Have you ever seen the iconic photograph of the Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey California? Yeah, Tom was there. He has captured memorable images of bands like the Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Jimi Hendrix, The 3 Tenors, and many more.

Shef and Tom O'Neal

During our conversation, I begin to realize that there were several tactics necessary for shooting photographs that also carry over to success in business. 

3 Success Ingredients of Photography and Business

1. Perspective
The angle that the camera is pointed at can create two completely different stories in the viewer's mind. Shooting a performer onstage against a backdrop is nice; shooting that same performer onstage from an angle that shows the audience exploding with laughter or screaming with excitement tells an entirely different story. 

As a business leader, we need to understand the perspective of our customers and our employees. Business that will stand the test of time (especially in an over-commoditized marketplace) will be remembered for the way they utilize their moments of opportunity to "Wow" every customer. (Check out Shep Hyken's blog on Customer Service Olympics).

2. Pause
Nothing ruins a photo like a blurry image. Preparing your equipment for the speed of the action you are shooting, and composing the shot is essential. A pause before depressing your shutter has an amazing effect on the crispness of your photo.

The power of the pause when dealing with customers and employees is also important. Allow a moment too digest what people are saying before launching into a potential solution or response. God gave you two ears and one mouth...use them accordingly.

3. Purpose
In order to create a memorable subject of a photo, you must eliminate as many non-essential elements in the frame that could distract the viewer.
Many businesses strive to be everything to everyone, which is a sure recipe for disaster. Pick your top three focus areas of your business, department, or culture that you are committed to working on, and focus exclusively on them.
Successful people always have more opportunities than we do time, giving yourself the gift of saying "No" to opportunities which do not fit into your primary focus area will clearly set you apart from your competitors.
These three success recipes will not make you a rock star in your industry overnight, but when practiced constantly, you will become a legend over time. What do you do to capture magic memories with your team and customers?
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