Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time to Evict!

My son, Alex and I were enjoying a great game of football on PS2. (Actually he was kicking my butt all over the place, but any parent knows the challenges of playing a young person in a video game!) As we were playing, I heard a scratching in the ceiling. I walked around the side of the house to see that we had a family of squirrels that had decided to take up residence in my soffit! A piece of wood, a few screws, a pellet gun, and some paint; the problem was taken care of.

That left me thinking about something: How often are we letting other people rent space in our heads? Maybe it is someone who told us that we will never amount to anything, maybe it is someone that has wronged us in some way, maybe even some memory of an abuse or other thing that was totally out of our control. Why don't we kick those people out of our noggins! (Yes, I can say noggin as I just emerged from an attic wearing a headlamp and carrying a gun -cue the theme from Deliverance!)

What movie are you playing in your mind of a past event or maybe a future event? What disempowering thoughts are running around in your mind? Let's make this an opportunity to evict them. If you really feel like it, write that person a letter. Maybe you don't send it, just vent it. Life is meant to be a celebration, not a fear!

Oh, and always keep a headlamp handy!
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is Your Focus?

What an interesting time we live in. There is uncertainty everywhere. Socialism has failed miserably everywhere in the world it has ever been tried. What the hell, let's try it here! Own a business and employ people? Let's take a larger portion of your income than the current 50% or so. Have a broken business model but have "been around for a long time?" Let's bail you out. Come on, that is like a Weight Watchers group meeting at McDonalds!

The good news is that success is abounding everywhere. Despite the news, despite Washington, despite what you may read; if you make up your mind to be successful and are flexible, you will be! Let me share a few observations from yesterdays conversation with a few clients:
1. Massage Therapist- "I am booked for 2 weeks out! I am actually turning people away."
2. T Shirt and promotional products person- "I don't know what slow down they are talking about; we have found the markets that need to be served and are serving them better than anyone. Business is booming!"
3. Mortgage professionals (many)- "We are so crazy busy! Another RECORD month is about to happen!"

Here's what we are going to do: I am going to start a program or vblog on the anti-news. It seems that people can feel happy and optimistic until they discover that they should feel guilty that they are not living in a cardboard box. Look for this coming soon! I will also be showcasing success stories with many of the blogs. You can view the first one today. Coach K is a superstar realtor and a great friend from Coldwell Banker At Your Service Realty in Rochester, MN. He is a full time teacher and part time realtor. His knowledge and people skills, coupled with great branding and marketing have made him unstoppable!

If you have any success stories or sayings, please send them to my assistant at

Yours in Success

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Which Channel Tells Me What To Think Today?

domination in place. (Maybe I have seen too many Austin Powers movies!) Anyways, we had lunch at a nice restaurant next to our hotel and we met a wonderful server. She was prompt and friendly, and knew just a little too much about that wacked out lady with a chimp who eats people's faces.

Aside from the incredibly bad timing of placing our food in front of us and talking about a gruesome animal mauling; she said something profound regarding this recession. "I started to feel good about the economy and our country and then I watched the news and they said we are supposed to be in a recession for another year. Oh well, I guess I can feel better later."

What kind of lemmings have the majority of people become? Tell me how to think? Let's keep a few things in mind that are necessary for us to not only survive, but to thrive in today's world:
1. Focus on your responsibilities, not your rights. You have the right to an opportunity, absent of discrimination. Period. Yes, stop talking about the lucky sperm club who happened to be born into the right family. 80% of millionaires in America are first generation. Pull up your boot straps and pull Oprah off of speed dial. No one cares. Get to work.
2. Take responsibility. Have you messed up in the past? Join the club. Don't blame your mom's doctor's pool guy's dog groomer for your plight. YOU HAVE MADE AN APPOINTMENT TO BE WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICES. The beautiful thing is that your past does not equal your future!
3. Work on the success diet! It is free for all of you on my site, It will help!

Remember, your life is like a Ferrari. If you choose to leave it in the garage, fine. I personally would pull the thing out and hit 90 mph in second gear!

Yours in success!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Looking Forward or Backwards?

If you turn on the radio, TV, or read the newspaper; you won't have to look too hard to find tales of economic woes and uncertainty. Here is a newsflash: WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH RECESSIONS BEFORE! Yes, people are finding themselves out of work, strapped, and worried. The real question is, are you looking for the problem or the solution?

I had the honor of meeting a great speaker, author, and real estate guru named John Dessauer yesterday. One of the things that stuck in my head is that most people tend to focus on the problem at hand. His recommendation is that you acknowledge the problem, but also come up with TWO solutions.

If you are uncertain about your employment and wondering what is behind door #2, remember that EVERYONE in America was an entrepreneur until about the 1920s. What do you love to do? What can you do with passion? How are you going to market it? John took a problem of having 12 million gallons of corn oil to dispose of from a client and turned it into a 3 million dollar profit SIMPLY BY FOCUSING ON THE SOLUTION.

Food for thought....

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are You Procrastorbating?

Yep, I really wrote that. It drives me crazy to see so many people with ridiculous amounts of talents sitting by the sidelines, paralyzed by fear. I have heard the reasons (I'm too old, too young, too fat, too thin, married, single, have 54 personalities, etc.) A good friend of mine went out on a limb and became a real estate investor. He didn't wait for the approval of everyone around him. He and his wife just did it. Within 7 months, he was able to quit his full time job and pursue his passion of real estate investing.

I know a young man who started a lawn care business at the age of 14. He hired a few buddies and invested into the business. Worked his tail off. By the time he was a senior in high school, he had accounts in excess of six figures!

It makes me sick to see so many people waiting for the government to solve all of their problems, cure all of their ills, and pay for everything from their home to their latte (wait...the Starbucks bailout is coming!!) It is time for us to be reminded that we are a nation and a world that is great because of the people, not because of the governments. We will excel and thrive when we take risks. We will learn from our mistakes.

My challenge is to have you make a list of 3 things you would love to do for extra money. It could be anything (legal, of course). Take some action within 10 minutes of reading this blog!! Stop Procrasterbating!


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is Your Backup?

Crazy times we live in. No question about it. Some of you are having the greatest year you have ever had (my real estate and mortgage coaching clients, for example); yet others just found out that their jobs are not there anymore. The greatest thing about history is that it repeats itself.

One of the common denominators of successful people throughout history is that they constantly improved themselves. I'm not just talking about taking a class for a job, but they are always yearning, earning, and learning. (Les Brown came up with that one!) They also have a few different streams of income.

Ask yourself the following:
1. When did I go to a networking event? (chamber, YPN, Toastmasters, etc.)
2. When is the last time I read a non-fiction book?
3. Where am I at relative to my 2009 goals? (The year is 1/12 over now, time does not stop!)

Some times we need to take a fresh look at things. Opportunities big and small alike. Don't be stuck in a rut!

Let's keep in mind that the only difference between a rut and a grave is 1 side!

Keep it real!

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