Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do You "Get It?"

I really enjoy traveling. In my industry I must travel (until I can find a way to have 10,000 people come to my home to hear me speak:)) This often means many nights in hotels, miles on planes, and dealing with people in the hospitality industry. I experience the full spectrum of customer service. The more I travel, the more that I see a trend: The companies that give great customer service are the ones that thrive. It is also essential that everyone in your organization shares the vision of great service. Here is an example:

Shelly and I were heading to Austin, TX this past weekend. We flew on a major airline and were not greeted when boarding, we were only directed by the flight attendants when need be during the flight. It was as if we were "interrupting" their work day. The pilot, on the other hand "Gets it" He thanked everyone for choosing their airline, mentioned small tidbits about areas that we were flying over, and even shared the fact that his son attended a university that was 30,000 feet beneath us.

Not consistent vision for customer service. If the flight attendants had the same attitude as the pilot, the airline may have more raving fans instead of dancing in and out of bankruptcy court. I do have to mention that MOST of the flight attendants that I encounter are very pleasant and upbeat. This was just an exception.

Our hotel was a different story. From the second that we pulled into the Omni, everyone from that moment on treated us like family. No questions, no problems, just a solid commitment to customer service. They "Get it"

This does not happen by accident. Make a point in your business to have regular meetings either in person or on the phone with everyone to communicate the direction and vision for your business. People feel like a part of something larger and more meaningful when this happens.

Just some food for thought...

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