Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Success Lessons from Tiger Wood's Masters Victory

Tiger Woods' comeback is filled with lessons for motivation and success.

Tiger Woods Golf Swing
Image Credit: Chase McAlpine

Tiger Woods has become one of the most successful professional golfers in the history of the game, but not one who has gone without controversy and setbacks. Even while navigating the personal issues he was dealing with several years ago and painful back surgeries; his resolve to become a champion once again never wained…even if it would be 10 years between titles.

Many people placed odds on him washing out and becoming another “has been” child prodigy.

There are 3 key things that put Tiger Woods back on top.

1. He surrounded himself with people who believed in him.

Not that he didn’t have that before, but let’s face it, there are those people who are with you when you are doing well and there are those people who are with you no matter what. While their names may change throughout your life, it’s imperative that you surround yourself with people who believe in you as a person.

We all suffer moral setbacks. We all have things that we go through and it’s imperative that we work our way through that.

2. He took responsibility for his actions.

I would imagine he didn’t plan on enduring excruciating back surgeries and other moral challenges which threw his game off for a while. He accepted responsibility for the things he could control and he accepted responsibility for his rehab from injury.

Responsibility is the skeleton key that unlocks the doors we must pass through on our pursuit of success. While the actual weight of the key may be ounces, the mental burden we attach to it can feel like it weighs tons.

3. He kept his vision in front of him and worked like there was no end in sight.

Woods absolutely crushed it every single day, working out sometimes two, maybe even three times a day. He visualized the victory of the Masters until he realized his victory.
So what are you doing? What are some things that maybe you are thinking of giving up on but know you shouldn’t? Do you need to change the people in your solid inner circle so that you can elevate to the level of champion?

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