Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Need 10 People Who Would Like to Earn an Extra $2000 this month!

I had the greatest revelation this morning. I arose at 4:45 and started doing some of my goal work. I was also preparing for a speaking engagement that I am doing in ummm an hour. (this will be quick because I still have to shower:)) I went through my old goals from 1996. That was a fantastic year for me. At 23, I was making well into 6 figures of income. I also had 50 active people going out working for me EVERY DAY. This amount of leverage allowed me to work on average about 16 days per month. I also took 6 vacations. Not too bad.

The thing that jumped out at me is that no where in my goals did it state what I would make. I just had the number of people every month that I would help make $2000,$4000, etc. The result was astounding. I have a bit of a confession: In the last year or so I have been focusing on how much I can do and make in terms of income. Beginning today, my personal income will be on the back burner and I will be focusing on helping a minimum of 10 people per month make an extra $2000 or more.

Due to my speaking and consulting schedule I need to limit it to 10 people at this time. This number will grow. If you are an author, speaker, or desire to earn a pretty darn good living from home while in your pj's, contact me at Type "success" in the subject line. I will screen people and select who gets to come along for the ride.

Yours in success!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Beware the Should!

I should do this, I should do that. The company should make changes.....We have all heard and said these things at one time or another. One of the things that separates people and businesses apart is their willingness to take action. If you have something small in your life that bugs you (leaky faucet, broken chair, slow computer, etc.) change it! I would challenge you to take a day and take care of your "This bugs me list".

My Realtor clients will tell me that when they do an initial walk through, they will come up with a list of stuff that needs to be done in order to make the house more "cozy". Most of the time that entire list can be done for a few hundred dollars or less. This weekend we are going to work on the Shef pad. If you don't hear from me on Monday, it is because Branson and Alex buried me underneath the basement.

Once you have your environment taken care of, start on some bigger things. Enjoy the momentum!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shut Out the Noise!

I have the pleasure of addressing thousands of people every year; helping them develop tools to change their lives. 100% of the time, the room is silent, the sound and lighting works every time, and cell phones never go off during the middle of my presentation. WOAH! I must have been dreaming! There are many distractions that pop up at any time during a program. Here are a few of them that I have personally experienced:
Cell phones
Full Voice conversations in the back of the room or elsewhere
dining staff setting or clearing table service
fire alarms
bomb threats
power going out
MC taking up 1/2 of my stage time with a rambling talk
many more...

I just visited with my good friend and business partner, Tony Rubleski. ( He is in the middle of a book tour and was speaking to a group in Texas the other day. He mentioned that there was a ton of ambient noise and distraction during the program (mainly from the wait staff as he was speaking at a restaurant). Yet 1/2 of the people in the audience invested in his best selling book, Mind Capture in the Age of ADD.

What a great analogy for life. As we are trying to either do something or learn something, there will be a lot of distraction and noise around us. Don't let it sidetrack you, though. Learn to shut out the noise and move forward with your goals!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Fast Way or the Slow Way?

It amazes me that there are so many people that have enough time in their lives for trial and error. One of the first things I did when I decided to get into shape was to hire a personal trainer. Yes, I knew that if a weight was on the ground and I picked it up, it was working something. It was not working the right things in the right way. My trainer, Matt, guided me through the paces and techniques necessary to speed up my outcomes dramatically.

The same is true with coaching. I select a few individuals every year who are serious about building a speaking business. Yes, I realize that some people may make a movie about your life or you may be an Olympic athlete; but for the remaining 99.9998% of us, we need to follow a system. Is there an investment? You bet. Is there a payoff? No question! (If you have an interest in this, email my assistant, Tamara at and she will set an initial consult appointment for you)

Whatever you are wanting to accomplish, there is someone who has done it before. Instead of learning from your mistakes, why not learn from others so you can avoid the mistakes. It is much more cost effective in time and money!

Yours in success