Friday, June 22, 2012

Waiting to be Knighted

One of the most consistent comments I hear people mention is that they are not qualified to give advice to others, especially if the recipient of that advice has achieved notable success. While there are professions which require licensing those offering advice (financial planning, insurance, medical, etc.), most areas of life require no such licensing or anointing.

Since great ideas really don’t care where they come from, think about what you do insanely well.
-Are your co-workers telling you how much fun you are?
-Do others ask you what you do to stay in great shape?
-Are you great at planning events?
-Are you an awesome parent or spouse?

I love it when I hear of someone writing their life story to be passed on to their children. Most kids would love to read about the lives of their parents, but the parents pass on before they get around to writing. It is easier today to publish your memories than at any other time in history.

Many times people simply won’t get out of their own way so they can be successful. One of my good friends and early business mentors, Cleve Gaddis, cautioned his audience about the “Getting Ready to Get Ready Syndrome.” Don’t fall into this trap of waiting to take action on what you truly desire or dream about.

You can’t take your gifts with you when you are gone from this Earth. Take some action today to share your gifts with others! No one knows how much sand they have left in the hourglass. Live each moment to the fullest.

What dreams are you excited to take action on?

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flying Naked

Anyone who travels frequently winces when they discover that a non-frequent flier is ahead of them in the security line. Often times these passengers neglect the TSA rules for what can and can't go through security. (Personally, I think many of these rules are like a sick game of "Simon Says", except Simon happens to wield some serious power).

While I do travel quite frequently, I felt like an absolute amateur when I discovered that my wallet was missing once my flight was airborne. I began to frantically search all of my pockets, my briefcase, even under my seat to see if the one item which housed my ID, credit card, and cash had been misplaced. Nothing. I was now flying naked without any identification, cash, or credit cards en route to deliver a motivational program in Las Vegas.

I discovered three strong, yet simple lessons as a result of this ordeal:

1. Always  keep your valuables close to you! I was not the victim of a pickpocket, I was just wearing loose fitting shorts and couldn't feel the wallet in my pocket. What key assets do you or your business possess, and how frequently do you check on them? A regular checking of your belongings when traveling is a lot like monitoring daily activities of your sales team, just do it!

2. Create a "What if..." plan. The event planner who booked me to speak at their event had arranged for a car service and had also covered my hotel room. I decided to tell the front desk clerk of my dilemma, and discuss options with her. (I was starving and stressed out by this point, so I was quite grateful when she suggested that Shelly send her card information to the hotel so they could arrange a charge account for my incidentals). What if your computer crashes? What if a key player in your business is gone suddenly? Do you have a plan in place?

3. Gratitude will get you everywhere! I was delighted to discover that my wallet had been found and surprised upon my return when I discovered that my $350 in cash was still clipped to the wallet! The team at Delta Airlines found my wallet jammed in the jet way. Many people would have just pocketed the cash and said nothing. I'm impressed that whomever found my wallet behaved with integrity. When something happens to us, we can promote a belief that people are either good or bad. I choose to look on the bright side.
What are a few ways that you could "WOW" someone in your business today?

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