Friday, March 1, 2019

3 Strategies to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

How many times have you created fantastic results toward a goal...then took your foot off the pedal and coasted toward mediocrity? (We've all done it!)

We've all engaged in self-sabotage, and here are 3 things you can do to prevent it:

1. Understand the value of hunger

"You gotta be HUNGRY!" screams motivational legend Les Brown. We can become extremely resourceful when our backs are against a wall. What if:
- You had a major health challenge...and had to change some habits?
- You are in sales and were staring down the barrel of an empty pipeline?
- You realized that you had been going through the motions of life and didn't derive any pleasure from the things you used to love?

Mediocrity and complacency love to replace the passion and excitement that come from being hungry.

2. Embrace accountability
Answering to no one sounds great...until you realize that you are solely responsible for your success or failure.
When we don't answer to anyone, we tend to dive into our heads. Your mind is awesome at conjuring up excuses and fear.

-If you are in business, join a mastermind group of people who will hold your feet to the fire for accomplishing your goals (or hire a coach)
- Schedule time with a friend to workout or hire a trainer

Accountability is an essential component of achievement.

3. Always feed your mind

Every successful person I've ever met swears by scheduling time to read, watch, and listen to things that can help them grow. You have the power to do so right in your pocket or purse right now. Use it.

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