Friday, September 5, 2014

Dude! Where's Your Drum Solo?

No one ever made history by playing it safe. 

Instead of being motivated by the power of their goals, they are focused on things like:

What if I screw up?
What will people think of me?
I need to wait until I'm really good before I show others what I do!

Kid Drum Solo in music Store
Alex's Guitar Center Debut
No you don't.

My son, Alex, and I visited a Guitar Center several years ago. Like all 13 year old boys, he wanted to play the drums. While we were talking to the drum guy about various options and costs, Alex jumps in and says, "I'd just really like to play that drum set."

A smile shined on the employees face, and within seconds drumsticks appeared. Needless to say, the store was treated to an impromptu drum solo, courtesy of my son.

One great thing about kids is that they don't care what other people think!

Alex enjoys playing the drums, and has taken workshops with one of the top drummers alive today, Rich Redmond (drummer for the Jason Aldean Band).

Think of your favorite performer, actor, or entrepreneur. Chances are they kept their eyes on their goals and dreams, as opposed to constantly focusing on what everyone else thought about them.

What dream have you put on hold?

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