Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There's a Storm Brewing

For whatever reason, we have had thunderstorms that have hit between 3am and 5am for the last several mornings. Despite the best of intentions and a desire to sleep a full night, the storms often make themselves known.  When I'm out in my kayak and see weather brewing on the horizon or a flash of lightning; I take the appropriate action and paddle towards shore.

Sometimes there are storms in the business world that companies ignore, often to their demise. Some examples include:
1. The recording industry thinking that downloaded music is a fad.
2. Video rental stores thinking that Netflix and Redbox won't affect their market share.
3. Any business hoping to attract a Generation X or Y client who has a website that was designed in 2001.
4. Any business that thinks their customers are loyal and won't be swayed by the competition's marketing efforts.

Just like a small rumble of thunder in the distance, your customers will ask for things that they want. Instead of trying to defend status quo, listen to them. Maybe you notice a competitor or another business using some savvy marketing practices. Model them!

Sometimes storms pass, other times they last a while. One thing is for sure; they always have an impact on the area that they pass over. Don't let your business get washed away because you are not observant. For more information about booking The Shef for your next event, visit or call our offices at 1-800-863-2591