Friday, April 17, 2009

Are You Trying New Things?

I had a blast last night with my 11 year old, Alex and two of his buddies. At dinner, one of the kids was eating a jalapeno. Not a big deal, until he challenged the other two to do it as well. They did. Turned a bit red, and laughed when they were done.

That got me are willing to try unknown things (some good and some bad), but that is how they learn and grow. Many of us as adults tend to shy away from what it is that we don't know and stay in our comfort zone. Here are a few things that just popped to mind when I think of what adults tend to fear:
-beginning an exercise program (fear of looking stupid)
-beginning a new career
-starting a business
-joining a civic group (optimist, jaycees, etc.)
-attending a networking event
-participating at a rally for a cause that they believe in
-travel to a place unknown

These are just a few things. My challenge to you is that you take some kind of ACTION today to knock down one or more of those fears or any other fear.

I need to hit the road right now to continue the One Step From Striking Gold book tour. IL this morning, Des Moines tonight, hope to see you at an event soon!!
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