Friday, April 1, 2011

Fake Facebook Girlfriends and Customer Celibacy

I just heard about something called a “Cloud Girlfriend”. Evidently guys can create their perfect virtual girlfriend on Facebook without having to peel themselves off of their parent’s sofa and interrupt the Star Trek marathon on television. The idea is that having a girlfriend will make you more desirable to women who actually have a pulse. I have no idea where this Cloud Girlfriend thing will go, but I think it will be as effective as many other empty promise shortcut products and services.

Unfortunately, many businesses suffer customer celibacy because they are neglecting to constantly prospect and ask for new business. Here are a few tips that can help your business grow with real customers, right away:

1. Get out and meet people. Just like the person who must manufacture a fake girlfriend because it is too much work to leave his mother’s basement, entrepreneurs and salespeople often find themselves “Too busy” to attend public functions and network with other people. If you are too busy to meet people, you either need to streamline your “busy” activities, or you need to fire your bottom 10% of clients.

2. If you use testimonials from satisfied customers in your marketing (which you should) use the customer’s full name and city. “This is the greatest furniture store ever!”-Bob H. will get snagged in the BS filters of most prospects. Video testimonials are also a very effective marketing tool as well.

3. Ask for referrals, will ya? If someone has done business with you, chances are they are pretty happy with the service you provide. “If you think of anyone who could do business with us, just call.” is about as lame as it can get, yet that very statement is echoed in businesses everywhere. I prefer something more direct like, “I’ve really enjoyed working with you! Why don’t we think of a few people that may benefit from our services the way that you are.” is very effective.

Courting customers is a lot like courting in real life. You are getting to know each other, you are discovering things that are good and bad about each other, and you have the potential for a great long term relationship. None of this will happen without taking some kind of action.
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