Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who Needs to Give You Permission?

Tonight, Jack Canfield and I will be enjoying a wonderful evening at St. Ambrose University. The Dean of the Business School, John Byrne, left all of the event planning and promotion up to his students. Most people would have insisted upon having complete control over an event that costs tens of thousands of dollars to promote. However, the empowerment of those students not only have done a great job promoting the deal (We will have nearly a packed house tonight!), but they are gaining valuable experiences that will help them throughout life.
Here are your challenges:
1. What permission are you thinking you need to achieve what you'd like to achieve?
2. Who would have to give you that permission?
3. What would life look like after you have achieved your goals?

Now, eliminate points 1 and 2 and just DO IT!!

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