Friday, April 6, 2012

Success In Superman Underwear

One of the reasons that Superman is such a hit with people of all ages is that it reminded us that a superhero could be hiding within everyone. When superpowers were needed, the "ordinary" shell of a nerdy Clark Kent would immediately give way to extraordinary powers.
superpower within
When you buy a child Superman pajamas, they will jump off furniture expecting to fly. That fire of belief and an expectation that anything is possible is placed within us by God but is often snuffed out by the wet blanket of society's desire to dumb people down, level the field of outcomes, and save people from failure. We can all learn from children! In a previous blog, I wrote about why kids are the greatest salespeople, and I will always maintain that belief. Everyone needs to get back in touch with their inner child!

Although someone's reality is true to them, it may not be reality in actuality. God doesn't save extra blessings for those who have watered down dreams. Quite the contrary, those who are willing to stretch and take action are those who realistically enjoy the most from life. Seth Godin writes in If Your Happiness Is Getting a Little More Than You've Got  that chasing small dreams will keep you on a treadmill of unhappiness, but being happy while staying hungry is important.

Today is a gift, make the most of it. Yesterday is gone, you can't do anything about it now. Now slip on your Superman Underoos and fly! What will you do today that will be extraordinary?

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