Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 Reasons Why Your Bank Is Losing Customers

Banks and Credit Unions are embroiled in a daily fight to gain new customers, we are struggling to keep them, and we also must realize 3 simple reasons why customers and members may stop doing business with us.

1. Your bank is behind the times. Nothing makes me shutter like hearing a client say, "We've always done it that way, and our customers don't like change." While tradition is fantastic, being obsolete is not.
Do your customers walk across the room to change the television channel? Do your customers still hand write letters? More than likely not. Even if your more senior customers prefer to do business the "old fashioned way", their Gen X and Gen Y children are becoming more influential with decisions as their parents age. (The greatest Generation X and Y book out there is Liquid Leadership by Brad Szollose)http://www.liquidleadership.com
Also, your customers crave access. "Banker's Hours" in the 21st century are 24/7. Also, please invest in your technology. 45% of all website visits come via smart phone. If your website was last updated when Bill Clinton was in office, it may be time for a change.

2. Vague Vision. You may have 21 rules for great customer service, but no one knows them all! I recently met with a business owner recently who was very proud of his 17 pillars of great service for his business. "17 huh?", I mentioned, "God only came up with 10, but tell me about pillar number 12. How about 8?" You guessed it. He couldn't remember them.  The point is to make something simple and memorable.  No one ever forgot something because it was too simple.

3. Being an order taker. Any type of business is a relationship business. The deeper the relationship you have with a customer, the less pricing, interest, and fees matter. When my secret shoppers evaluate a new banking client, we normally find that 20% of tellers ask the visitor to become a customer. If you are a supervisor and thinking, "I'm going to scream at my tellers for not asking!!!" Take a good hard look in the mirror. These things are caught, not taught. It doesn't take much time to gain additional business.
What are some things you are doing to keep and gain new customers?

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