Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Have You Done to WOW Someone?

What an interesting experience I had yesterday. I was speaking to a fantastic company, Modern Woodmen of America yesterday afternoon. They are based only 20 miles from where I live. I had everything prepped and ready for the program and was just running some errands yesterday morning.

I had just replaced my radiator in my car a couple of weeks ago and was shocked to find smoke/steam pouring from the hood (this is 90 minutes prior to me being on stage!) Upon opening it, I had found a fist sized hole in a radiator hose. After a few frantic phone calls, I located the crucial $13 replacement. It was only 8 miles away and I set out to begin my journey. 4 miles out, my car was red lining the temperature gauge.

I pulled over and called Autozone (the auto parts store) after briefly explaining my situation (this is now 60 minutes prior to my engagement!) they sent out an employee who replaced the part and got me on my way within 5 minutes.

Needless to say, this great display of outstanding customer service will not only endear me to that company, but I will also be able to praise them everywhere I speak.

Go out of your way to wow someone.!

Oh yeah, after this "angel" came out and helped me, I couldn't wait to repay the favor. Last night on the way to a meeting, I met a gentleman with a flat tire on the side of the highway. His tire taker offer thinger was broken so I popped out and changed it for him. When God smiles on you, don't hesitate to help someone else!

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