Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How Many Irons Are In Your Fire?

"Too many irons in the fire" We have all heard this one. If you are doing 9 things that are totally unrelated and you aren't doing any of them real well, you need to scale back. There are a few things that I observe about this statement.

1. The less you do, the more you make. If you are in sales or are a business owner, take the amount of time that you would spend doing something else and focus on doing your highest revenue producing activity.
2. It's OK to have multiple irons in the fire; as long as they're in the same fire. Do what you can do to have multiple streams of income. Our educational system in the United States teaches students to go work for a company and get a watch after 30 years. That world does not exist any more (other than in government). The most un-secure thing in the world is a secure job.
3. Continue to better yourself. People who are successful don't wait to get to a certain level before they start on a personal development program. Start now. This is the foundation for anything successful.

It is also great to have people around who support you in your goals. Get excited about their accomplishments and victories.

Fire it up!

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