Monday, January 4, 2010

Crucial Warnings for Your Business!

Shelly and I were enjoying a bit of relaxation time over the Christmas holiday. One evening, a commercial came on for some new miracle drug that can help people stop smoking. This commercial had all of the standard pharmaceutical staples: silver haired people walking, laughing couples, and some great testimonials from the actors about how this drug changed their life. The interesting piece of this advertisement was that out of a 90 second commercial, 60 seconds were taken up telling you about all of the potential effects of the drug.

Everything from skin disorders to sexual dysfunction to mild psychosis (really!) and everything in between! Needless to say, the advertisement did little to get me excited about their drug. If I were a smoker, I can't honestly say that the benefits would outweigh the risks of taking this drug.

That got me thinking about the "Warnings" that many entrepreneurs listen to throughout the day. Do you have a question about how to proceed with a business opportunity? Why not ask my family and friends who have no clue about business. Interested in buying a piece of investment property? Why not ask the people you know who are not investors.

Be very aware of the conversations that happen between your ears. 2010 can be your best year ever if you create a fertile environment for your dreams to grow. Create a personal board of directors who you can work with that will keep you accountable to your goals. Napoleon Hill talked about the power of the mastermind in Think and Grow Rich. This group of 3-5 people can help inspire, motivate, and at times tick you off. However, they are a necessary tool for anyone who wants to be successful in business.

Stop listening to the "can't do" crowd and start listening to the "can do" crowd.

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