Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Things Lead to Big Dollars

Why is it that some servers in restaurants do very well, yet others starve? Why does a successful businessperson seem to just attract more business while their competition is withering on the vine? Read on...

Shelly and I are proud to have an outgoing, high energy daughter named Molly. She is a server at a local steakhouse. There are many times when she will have a customer who will tip her 30%, 50%, even 100% of the ticket. It absolutely blows us away. When asked about what things contributed to her "big nights" in terms of earnings, she comments on a few things that you may find useful and may want to implement in your business.

1. Look great. She knows that if her nails are looking good, tips go up. When she wears her hair a certain way, her tips go up. Most importantly, she KNOWS that she must exude energy and passion for what she does, and her tips will go up.

2. Communicate. She does not just go to a table to take the guest's order; she engages them in small talk. She understands that building a bridge of rapport will endear the customer to her.

3. Over-deliver. Even if the kitchen is running behind, the place sounds like a madhouse, or the sky falls; she will make sure that the customer's drinks are full, the bread does not run out, and the customer feels like they are kept "in the loop".

4. Take care of those who help out. Molly will tip her food runners and other people. It may seem foolish to some to pull money out of your pocket and give it to someone, but her runners love working with her and the performance shows.

I realize that few of you are in the restaurant industry, but any server at a restaurant is a perfect snapshot of an entrepreneur. They have the wonderful benefit of seeing the results of their actions in a very short time-frame and can adjust actions accordingly. Many businesses will dawdle in one direction and hope for a feedback of customer service months or years down the road.

Recognize the similarities between the food industry and your industry. Find a way to better your best!


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