Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Drop of Water Can Wash Your Business Away

Beliefs and convictions are very powerful tools. They are the foundational building blocks of everything in our lives. If you believe that being in physical shape is hard, you will find evidence to back that up. If you believe that business is hard, you will find evidence to back that up. It takes a lot of work to overcome a belief, especially if it is one founded upon poor information.

This spring we started having water in the basement of our river house. We never had such a problem, but it was a pretty damp Spring and we assumed that it would pass. We would suck up the water and dump it out, always waiting for the basement to dry out. I even went as far as building a wooden platform in front of the washer and dryer so we wouldn't be standing in water while doing laundry. I was convinced that we needed to install a sump pump to keep the basement dry.

Due to our busy schedules, we did not have time to complete the installation. I was ready schedule someone to jackhammer the pit in and get the thing done. Saturday I stepped downstairs, planning on sucking up yet another 70 gallons of water when I heard a drip..drip..drip. I grabbed a flashlight and within 10 seconds realized that an 89 cent fitting on a piece of plumbing was a bit loose and was dripping. I fixed the plumbing in less than a minute and cleaned the basement.

Every day since, the basement has been dry. That "false belief" that I had created a set of actions and consequences that would never have solved the problem. Here are a few things to ponder:

1. Is what I believe about my business or my goals true, or based upon a story that I have held onto for a long time?

2. What would have to be true in order for my belief to be true?

3. What are some other possibilities of solving a seemingly impossible problem or situation?

Beware of the beliefs that you hold. It never hurts to look a little deeper into a situation, explore a couple of different remedies, and take a different course. Now, get out of your own way, and better your best!

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