Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remove the Easy Obstacles

We have many obstacles in our world. Some we can control, and others show up at the most in-opportune times. One of the things that I have found a great aid in achieving what you want in your business, life, relationships, and health is to remove the littlest of obstacles.

There is a drug for a blood thinning drug running on television. It shows a strong good looking man with a hard hat walking around a construction site. "Joe is a strong 200 lb man, but a blood clot the size of a pencil tip nearly brought him down..." The idea is that this little clot in the wrong place can kill you.

I began to think about how in our minds we come up with many big things that can sabotage our goals or directions. Here are a few:
"I'd love to start exercising, BUT what if I twist my ankle and can't walk for my daughter's wedding in 8 months."
"I'd love to visit that destination, BUT I hear the traffic/crime is bad."
"I'd love to take our relationship to another level, BUT that would open me up and leave me vulnerable."

Think about the reserve and dispassionate life that someone may lead when they let fear dictate their direction, not love. Here are a few things that I have found useful in combating a sabotaging environment:

1. When I get up I put my running clothes on and running shoes too. I need to run. My clients really wouldn't like me showing up at their offices or conventions in my workout clothes!
2. I ask myself, "Why CAN this be great?" when my knee jerk reaction is the opposite.
3. I read something positive every morning for at least 10 minutes. Your brain is most open to suggestion at this time. I may as well put good stuff into it as opposed to negative.

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