Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are You Ready for a Comeback?

We had a wonderful weekend filled with kid's ball games. Some were won and others were lost, but a total of 7 ball games in a 3 day span is a great thing. Branson's team had a game that started at 9pm on Saturday evening. The team was down by 1 point in the last inning and Bran was up to bat. 2 outs, full count. Needless to say, there was just a little pressure.

He smacks the ball well into the outfield and causes 2 RBIs for the win! The entire attitude of the team was lifted and they had a great amount of renewed energy (despite the fact it was 11:15pm) What a comeback!

That got me thinkin'...What rules do you have for you to feel good about a comeback?
Do you set impossibly high standards for yourself so you are always discouraged, or do you set milestones and rewards? Have you had temporary challenges in your life and view those as a sentence for failure?

In my live programs, I have my audience administer an "attitude check" on themselves. We have hundreds (or thousands) of people screaming, "SOME WILL, SOME WON'T, SO WHAT!!!" What I mean by that is that some people will support you, some things may go your way, some feelings will come naturally. Some stuff won't go your way; and SO WHAT! You can't live in the world of "If only..." You must live in the world of what IS...

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