Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Need 10 People Who Would Like to Earn an Extra $2000 this month!

I had the greatest revelation this morning. I arose at 4:45 and started doing some of my goal work. I was also preparing for a speaking engagement that I am doing in ummm an hour. (this will be quick because I still have to shower:)) I went through my old goals from 1996. That was a fantastic year for me. At 23, I was making well into 6 figures of income. I also had 50 active people going out working for me EVERY DAY. This amount of leverage allowed me to work on average about 16 days per month. I also took 6 vacations. Not too bad.

The thing that jumped out at me is that no where in my goals did it state what I would make. I just had the number of people every month that I would help make $2000,$4000, etc. The result was astounding. I have a bit of a confession: In the last year or so I have been focusing on how much I can do and make in terms of income. Beginning today, my personal income will be on the back burner and I will be focusing on helping a minimum of 10 people per month make an extra $2000 or more.

Due to my speaking and consulting schedule I need to limit it to 10 people at this time. This number will grow. If you are an author, speaker, or desire to earn a pretty darn good living from home while in your pj's, contact me at Type "success" in the subject line. I will screen people and select who gets to come along for the ride.

Yours in success!


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