Wednesday, June 11, 2008

But It's Only a Little Bit of Dog Poop!

I was with a group of friends over the weekend and we were discussing a particular retail establishment that tends to draw some of their consumer base from the "other side of the tracks".
"I see people screaming at their kids and slapping them when I'm there. It makes me so mad!" said one person.
"I just feel like I've walked out of the Twilight Zone when I leave there, but they have good prices." Said another.
"I get so agitated when I see some of the things that go on there, but I save $20 on my weekly shopping" comments another.

Here's a novel idea; if it puts you through that kind of tension when you frequent anyplace, STOP! So you save a bit of money and have all kinds of trash floating around in your head for half a day. Is it really worth it?

If I wanted the best cake in the world, I would have to visit my mom. She makes the most awesome chocolate cake! She will use the best of ingredients and puts a tremendous amount of love into everything she bakes. What if next time I went home and found a slice of chocolate cake sitting there waiting there for me. I would be thrilled! But before I took the first bite, Mom said, "I put just a little, but not much, dog poop in the batter." All of the sudden, the cake would lose it's appeal!

If I wouldn't tolerate that in my food, why would I pollute my mind with the same garbage that can be found by frequenting certain establishments? If you find businesses that make you feel uneasy, leave. So you spend an extra $20. Big deal. Consider it a deposit into the greatness of your mind!

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