Tuesday, January 24, 2012

VHS or BETA? 10 Things That Have Become Extinct

Do you remember when you bought your first VCR? The first question that people were faced with was which format to buy. There was debate among the electronics professionals as to whether the public would embrace the technologically superior Betamax format, or the VHS format. When you purchased one of these suitcase sized machines for $800 or more, you were faced with another decision: which video rental store would I purchase a membership to? (yes, you had to buy a membership to rent videos in the 1980′s.) I realize that I just lost 100% of the people who are under the age of 30 with that title, but it got me to thinking about the evolution of change.

Here are a few things that have become extinct just in my lifetime:
1. Buying a video membership
2. Going to a record store to purchase music
3. Video tapes
4. AAA Trip Tik maps (offering members turn by turn directions from point A to point B)
5. Dial up modems
6. Book stores
7. Most video rental stores
8. Absolute values and discipline in the classroom
9. Standing in line and/or camping out to purchase concert tickets
10. Land line telephones (almost)

I realize that there are many more things that may come to your mind, but when I think of the ease and comfort afforded by innovation; the golden memories of yesterday are replaced by the anticipation of what may come next. There are always people who will fight change (Think SOPA and PIPA), people who long for things to stop evolving (manufacturing everything in the United States vs. overseas), and those who are fascinated and who decide to jump on and surf the wave of change instead of fighting it.

Whether you embrace change or fight it, change really doesn’t care. It will always continue to be a constant. You may as well get used to it!
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