Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Swift Kick to the Wallet

I just received a note from one of my coaching clients last night. She was telling me about the lack of speaking dates on her calendar. I offered a few suggestions and told her that I expected a report of her results within 24 hours. She ended up booking 2 speaking dates. Regardless of if you are a speaker, author, or just want to achieve better results in any area of life; follow this system:

1. Get a coach or trainer. A huge mistake that a lot of people make is that if they find something that doesn't work that well, they do more of it expecting different results. Whether it is a personal trainer who shows you that you are off by 3 degrees on doing a bicep curl, a golf coach who teaches you to bend your knees just a tad more, or a business coach who teaches you the 2 crucial words that can make your offer irresistible; you can leapfrog the learning curve by leveraging the experiences of others.

2. Practice the new technique and expect it to be uncomfortable. New things take a bit of getting used to.

3. Push yourself, and find an accountability partner. This person can be your trainer or coach. It could be a spouse or friend. I have a "Nag list" that my coach requires me to report to her twice per week. This allows me to accomplish a heck of a lot more than I would if I did not have that accountability.

We are living in an age of ever-changing technology, expectation, and aptitude. Tap your passions, discover a way to market it, and Always Better Your Best!

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