Monday, May 24, 2010

Mountain Dew = Marketing Do!

Can a group of heavily caffeinated young people help pave the way for your business and branding success? Only if you look behind the surface and pay attention to the real message. This morning I was enjoying my morning Diet Dew and listening to the radio. The "Dewmocracy" commercial came across the radio letting me know that "I could be part of a crucial moment in history...helping to choose the next permanent flavor of the Mountain Dew." I'm sure that this "historic" moment pales in comparison to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or marching on Selma, but I have always been fascinated by the unique and provocative ad campaigns that my favorite soda churns out.

Here are 3 crucial ways that this ad campaign ties into your business and your career:

1. Understand what is important to your clientele. Most Dew drinkers are 12-30 years old. That makes them part of 2 pivotal generations: Generation Y and Generation Next. These generations DEMAND to belong to something. What better way to belong to something than to be one of 3,200,498 votes that is on store shelves.

Why not create some kind of promotion within your business where people can vote for their favorite product or service within your business? Whether you offer 3 unique styles of necklaces that people could vote on, a favorite new logo for your business, or a tee shirt design; people will gladly offer their two cents.

2. Capture your client's information. It amazes me how many businesses pay huge money to get their phone to ring, doorbell to chime, or email inbox to ping. Yet they don't capture the client's information. The Dew Crew takes things a bit further by asking not only your contact information, but also offers to show you (via Facebook) what your friends thought of each flavor.

This is NOT about picking a flavor. It is about tapping into the primary communication style of your target market. I highly doubt that someone marketing dentures to senior citizens would utilize social media as their primary communication method. Different vehicles are much more effective when reaching an older demographic. If you are not that web savvy, find a high school or college age student to help you out with getting your presence out on the web. It doesn't matter how it gets done, it just matters that it gets done.

3. Keep in communication with your clientele. If you are not in front of your prospects at least every other week, your competition is. Don't let them get away. Whether it is an email magazine, articles that you write for industry publications that your target market reads, or simply sending a random card to your clients; you need to stay on their radar screen!

If you open your eyes and ears to what is going on around you and implement a crazy campaign or two, great things are bound to happen!

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