Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let Your "Get By" Go "Bye Bye"

I am so astounded when I ask people how they are doing or how their business is and they respond with, "Not too bad." or "I'm getting by". They are either insanely modest and humble, or they are putting a verbal limitation on the potential for their business to grow.

If you asked your spouse to marry you and their response was , "That wouldn't be too bad". It wouldn't give you warm fuzzy feelings, would it? I would imagine that when that moment happened (or will happen), there was a tremendous amount of intense emotion!

Tom Hopkins tells us that we should respond with "Unbelievable" when someone asks us how business is going. If it is good or bad, we are covered. I would challenge you to lift the limitations off of your life, your business, your physical body, and your relationships by planting positive verbal seeds. The toughest conversations that we have are between our ears, and most of the time if someone else talked to you the way that you talk to you; you would probably smack them!

1. Affirm and focus on what you have, not what you don't.
2. Be thankful, and give some of what you have and some of who you are without expectation of repayment.
3. Meet with someone this week who is very successful and ask them some of their secrets. They could be in great physical shape, great financial shape, or in a great relationship. Chances are they would love to share secrets with you.

Above all, be prepared to take MASSIVE ACTION. Getting ready to get ready never got anyone anywhere. Be prepared to grow, be challenged, and expect success!

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