Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Have Some Fun!

I really enjoy doing business with people who are...pleasant. Not that they have to bring out a marching band and do back flips everytime a customer walks in; but just enjoy what you are doing! Sometime I would love to take an air horn with me to recognize "Service Fouls". I don't know if blasting the air horn would improve service, but it sure would get their attention!

Here are a few of the things that Shelly and I observed last weekend while traveling:
1. 3 employees talking to each other while customers were waiting to pay for items.
2. An employee helping someone balance their cash drawer while we were waiting to sample their product.
3. No smile. Damn, that is a killer.

These are just a few. Don't get me wrong; I set out to find OUTSTANDING customer service everywhere I go. When I do, I jump to reward and compliment. We had a fantastic bartender on Friday night who was very nice. We were looking for an outfitter to drop us off so we could kayak. This young woman explained that her mom and dad were camping at the same campground we were and would be happy to shuttle us. By the time we had our salads, our rides were arranged!

When people are lamenting about a tough economy, people not spending money, or any other garbage; maybe they should look in the mirror. Are they happy and excited to welcome business, or do they look as if they just ate a big bowl of grumpy and can't wait to share it with the world?

Food for thought!

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