Saturday, February 21, 2009

Which Channel Tells Me What To Think Today?

domination in place. (Maybe I have seen too many Austin Powers movies!) Anyways, we had lunch at a nice restaurant next to our hotel and we met a wonderful server. She was prompt and friendly, and knew just a little too much about that wacked out lady with a chimp who eats people's faces.

Aside from the incredibly bad timing of placing our food in front of us and talking about a gruesome animal mauling; she said something profound regarding this recession. "I started to feel good about the economy and our country and then I watched the news and they said we are supposed to be in a recession for another year. Oh well, I guess I can feel better later."

What kind of lemmings have the majority of people become? Tell me how to think? Let's keep a few things in mind that are necessary for us to not only survive, but to thrive in today's world:
1. Focus on your responsibilities, not your rights. You have the right to an opportunity, absent of discrimination. Period. Yes, stop talking about the lucky sperm club who happened to be born into the right family. 80% of millionaires in America are first generation. Pull up your boot straps and pull Oprah off of speed dial. No one cares. Get to work.
2. Take responsibility. Have you messed up in the past? Join the club. Don't blame your mom's doctor's pool guy's dog groomer for your plight. YOU HAVE MADE AN APPOINTMENT TO BE WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR CHOICES. The beautiful thing is that your past does not equal your future!
3. Work on the success diet! It is free for all of you on my site, It will help!

Remember, your life is like a Ferrari. If you choose to leave it in the garage, fine. I personally would pull the thing out and hit 90 mph in second gear!

Yours in success!

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