Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How About Those Scooby Ears?

I loved the cartoon Scooby Doo. You never knew what might pop up, what crazy man or woman may feel the urge to don a mask and scare people, or wonder how the heck the Scooby gang put gas in that crazy van of theirs (they didn't work!?) One thing was for sure, though; you knew at some point in the program, Scooby would hear something and perk up his ears. Many times this tip or clue would help solve whatever mystery needed to be unraveled.

Are you using Scooby ears in your world? What are you putting into your Scooby ears? Do you fill them with positive, motivating, or empowering things? Or are you like most people and listen to television, radio, news, and gossip? If you have seen my live programs you know my stance on watching to and listening to the news. Here is an amazing stat: 90% of Americans are UNAFFECTED by the recession! Would you believe that 90% of Americans are UNAFFECTED by the recession? This is the part where I lose most of you, "Well that can't be...CNN said..." I admire what Zig Ziglar said, "The media has accurately reported 32 of the last 3 recessions!"

Here is my challenge to you: tune into the greatness of things. Keep your ears perked for more business, more opportunities to help, more ways to network. I would recommend that you perk up the Scooby ears and see how your outlook changes!

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