Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are You a Ka-Billionaire?

I had the pleasure of visiting with the President of four large carpet stores in the Midwest . Shawn Langan is one of the most customer service oriented people I have ever seen. We had discussed several topics, not the least of which was the need for continuous marketing; ESPECIALLY during a slow economic time.

We had discussed several key elements to small business success that are essential to doing well in business, therefore making you a ka-billionaire. (OK, I have to give Shawn full credit for that word)

1. Join every networking group and chamber of commerce you can. While there is usually an investment to do so; you will have the opportunity to get to know people in your area and network with them. Shake hands, hand out business cards, and do whatever it takes to make a lasting impression.

2. Amaze the customer with outstanding service. My friend, Roger Crawford, talks about the lagniappe, that is the "extra" that someone puts into what they do. Whether it is called a baker's dozen, a complimentary loaner car while yours is being repaired, or giving someone a small gift just to brighten their day; it all makes a difference! Nurture that relationship!!

3. Share your vision with your staff AND the public! There is nothing that moves something forward more quickly than a concrete vision. If you lack vision, you are held in a holding pattern. If you have a strong vision and are able to communicate it effectively, heaven and earth will move for you to achieve it!

We can all take lessons from Shawn's "Ka-billionaire" philosophy. Even if you are not in business, use these principals at your workplace to become indispensable!

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