Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can It Really Wait?

Last week we returned from the grocery store, only to discover that the milk we had just purchased had a small leak in it. It didn't seem like much. We thought that only a small amount of milk had leaked into the back of the car. Not a big deal. Until it actually warmed up this week. You see, when the milk spilled, it was 15 degrees outside. Frozen milk does not smell. However, when the temperature climbed this week it produced quite and aroma!

I shampooed and cleaned everything out yesterday, and it now smells like citrus instead of vomit; but it got me thinking.... What are some things in my life that may seem small and "not a big deal" that will cause problems later? Here are a few things:
1. Run drainage hose on the sump pump far away from the house before the spring rains come.
2. Finish creating and set up a market plan for my next product.
3. Provide Tamara (my assistant) with EVERYTHING she needs to promote, market, and follow up with speaking clients.
4. Do my physical therapy exercises to speed the recovery of my running and shoulder injury.

These are just a few.

I really like the song, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" by Fleetwood Mack. Remember that what you are doing today is laying the foundation for tomorrow. Tony and I had an opportunity to catch up with Mick Fleetwood prior to an event in Las Vegas.

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