Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Take Off the Earmuffs When Opportunity Knocks

I am amazed at what I learn from dogs. When our golden retriever, Chloe, hears her leash rattle; she starts going nuts. When she hears the food being poured, she comes running. If there is a car that pulls into the driveway, she eagerly wags her tail and looks out the window to see who may be coming to visit her. Despite the numerous visitors that pull into the drive, the door rarely reveals a visitor for her. Still, she still approaches each sound with the same passion and excitement.

How many times have you been presented with an opportunity or a suggestion and passed it off without even giving it a second glance? Maybe the opportunity of a new job, a business opportunity, or a relationship comes your way; instead of approaching the opportunity through the eyes of "can be" they tend to view through the eyes of "can't be."

Would you have invested in a small company run by a bunch of long haired kids in the early 80's? What if that company went on to become Microsoft? What if you are not living up to a fraction of your potential because of fear? What could your 2010 be like if you approached opportunities with a tail wagging excitement instead of the muting power of earmuffs?

Think of two people who walk onto a car lot. One person walks around, looking at cars, and is using his decision making skills to determine that he can not afford anything. The other person walks around the lot, using the same decision making skills to decide how they can buy the dealership.

Life is a series of firsts. The greatest growth in life comes when you say "Yes" to risks and opportunity. My challenge to you is to approach every opportunity with your tail wagging, waiting to see what lies beyond the door!
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