Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life Lessons From Bugs Bunny!

I am a complete Bugs Bunny FREAK! I love his attitude, antics, and persona. When I used to tour with our rock band, I even had one of our roadies paint the Warner Bros. bulls-eye with Bugs playing my guitar on the back of my biker jacket. That aside, I was thinking about the cartoons where someone is wrestling with a decision and this little angel is on one shoulder and the devil is on another.

"Do it!" the angel encourages, "Help the old lady across the street".
"Leave her alone, let her take her chances with traffic". mutters the Devil.
Bugs will usually flick the Devil off of the shoulder and do the right thing.
You get the picture.

I was visiting with a coaching client yesterday who has a book published and is a pretty good speaker. She has not been speaking for much of a fee and sells no books at her programs. The reason why she sells no books is because SOMEONE TOLD HER THAT HER BOOK DIDN'T MEAN MUCH.

Think about it...she invested in the publishing process, wrote the book, had enough belief in the message to speak about it; yet her "Devil" on her shoulder kept holding her career and income back. I calmly explained to her that this guy was an idiot, and she had my permission to sell her books and be successful.

One of my mentors and friends, Cleve Gaddis, used to call these "Devil"s SNIOPS. That stands for "Subject to the Negative Input of Other People's Statements". SNIOPS are the devil on the shoulder of many entrepreneurs, athletes, parents, and dreamers. If you have a huge dream, not everyone will get behind you. That is fine. Maybe you want to be the first in your family to attend college, get into real estate, or start a business. There are no shortage of people who will attempt to keep you from taking action and achieving your goal. There is a reason why the people from your past don't make it into your future. My challenge to you is that you recognize these "Devil"s and kick them off of your shoulder and out of your life. Here are 3 strategies that I have found imperative to success:

1. Be part of a Mastermind group. A mastermind is typically 4-6 people who get together in person, on the phone, or over the web a couple of times per month to brainstorm and hold you accountable.
2. READ! If you haven't read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, begin there.
3. ALWAYS TAKE ACTION. Small action is good, big action gets noticed. Stop "Getting ready to get ready!"

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