Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shut Out the Noise!

I have the pleasure of addressing thousands of people every year; helping them develop tools to change their lives. 100% of the time, the room is silent, the sound and lighting works every time, and cell phones never go off during the middle of my presentation. WOAH! I must have been dreaming! There are many distractions that pop up at any time during a program. Here are a few of them that I have personally experienced:
Cell phones
Full Voice conversations in the back of the room or elsewhere
dining staff setting or clearing table service
fire alarms
bomb threats
power going out
MC taking up 1/2 of my stage time with a rambling talk
many more...

I just visited with my good friend and business partner, Tony Rubleski. ( He is in the middle of a book tour and was speaking to a group in Texas the other day. He mentioned that there was a ton of ambient noise and distraction during the program (mainly from the wait staff as he was speaking at a restaurant). Yet 1/2 of the people in the audience invested in his best selling book, Mind Capture in the Age of ADD.

What a great analogy for life. As we are trying to either do something or learn something, there will be a lot of distraction and noise around us. Don't let it sidetrack you, though. Learn to shut out the noise and move forward with your goals!
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