Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Say It With Sales

Momentum is a crazy thing. 283 years ago, Isaac Newton told us that an object in motion tended to stay in motion, and an object that habitually sat his butt on the sofa eating potato chips tended to stay put.
If you are a runner or habitual exerciser, you can identify with the idea that when you are actually moving and regularly working out, you have a burning desire to keep working out. If you get derailed due to an injury or illness, it is much harder to get back on track.

If you are in sales and are in the habit of telling X number of people about your product or service, it becomes second nature. If you are not making sales calls on a regular basis, you manage to find time to gripe about the economy, the compensation plan that your company has you on, the attitude of the consumer, and everything else under the sun!

My friend, Gary Schmidt, ran a very successful sales organization. When his team would tell him about the great things that they were going to do, he would respond by saying, “Say it with sales.” If they were talking about how tough things were, he’d respond by saying, “Say it with sales.”

Whatever position you are in currently, you most likely made an appointment to be here based upon your actions and decisions 90 days ago. What you eat, the books you read, the number of calls you make, and your personal development habits all play a huge factor in your happiness (or lack thereof) right now.

Here’s a thought: If you are not where you want to be, why don’t you choose to do something small every day to work toward that goal. The difference won’t be immediate, but the result will be amazing.

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