Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taylor Swift's Success Recipe

Last night the entertainment world was rocked by a very talented young woman. Taylor Swift, who is 19 years old, accepted 4 awards at the Country Music Awards show. Ironically, the one common denominator among the artists whom she beat out to win Entertainer of the Year was that she was an opening act for them on their tours.

Despite the millions of fans who are cheering for her and celebrating her success, there was one thing that Taylor Swift said that was profound. "Everything I have wanted has just happened to me." She started her career with passion, goals, and hard work. She knew it would not be an easy road, but she was more focused on where she was going to instead of what she was going through.

How can you learn from this success recipe? Regardless of the goal, starting point, or condition; several things remain constant:

1. Have a clear picture of what you would love to achieve. Remind yourself of it throughout the day.
2. Celebrate the little victories, no matter how seemingly insignificant.
3. Be prepared to do anything to make it happen!

While goals and dreams are nice, they are nothing without action. Put energy and passion into action and you will be unstoppable!
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