Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get Out of Your Own Way

Ask the first person that you see after reading this "What do you want in life?" Chances are they will respond with a list of things that they wouldn't like. "Well, I don't want this", "I would like to do this BUT..."

Have you realized that most people's worst fears don't ever happen outside of the confines of their own minds? There are enough people who are more than happy to quash your dreams, why would you want to join them?

Here are a few things that will work:
1. Decide what it is that you would love to be/do/have.
2. Take MASSIVE action immediately.
3. Monitor and move the results.

I don't recommend taking small steps. Small steps produce small results; and small mistakes. Large actions produce large results whether they are good or bad. This will force you to take notice and change course appropriately instead of slowly bleeding your dreams to death.

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