Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Are Your Dream Daggers?

I was speaking to a great group this past weekend. We were discussing how some people seem to achieve more than others. I love the Larry Winget quote, "You can't dream yourself to success, attract yourself to success, you need to WORK your way to success." One of the most basic observations that I have found is that successful people live with different words than people who are not as fulfilled.

Here are a few "dream dagger" words: try, hope, might, should, wish....

In the program, I had an audience volunteer come up to the stage and "try" to pick up a set of keys. He bent down to pick them up but I stopped him. He WAS picking up car keys. You cannot "try" to do anything. Just do!

Do you have a dream that is in neutral? What are you feeding it with?
1. Surround yourself with people who encourage you.
2. Live with "can do" words.
3. Take some kind of action EVERY DAY to make your dream a reality.
4. Model someone who has accomplished what you are striving to accomplish.

Hope this gets you going on this 4th of July weekend!

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