Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Iignore the Youth!

Yes, the young people of America may look a little different than adults. They may talk a little different than adults. They may do things differently than adults. BUT SO DID WE WHEN WE WERE THEIR AGE! Way too many people stand by the sidelines and ignore the potential of our youth market.

I was in Nashville at a marketing seminar with about 1200 other people. I happened to meet a woman who teaches yoga to kids! What a great concept. This young person identified a niche, created a product, and is doing exceedingly well. When you meet her, her handshake is firm and her eyes are locked on yours. The most fascinating part of this is not that there is someone out there who knows how to network and build a business. It is that the young woman I am describing is 10 years old! Don't give me this garbage about people being "too young" or "too old" they are just excuses!

Find a way to utilize the technical expertise of the youth of today in your business. What you slave over, they may play at; freeing you up for greater revenue producing opportunities.
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