Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Battle of "They" and "Jack"

Since the beginning of time, people have had dreams and ambitions of being successful (no matter how one may define success). I’d imagine that a a number of years ago, Thomas Edison was telling people about the neat little device he was working on that would provide light without using fire. “They” (meaning the masses) undoubtedly scoffed at his idea, ridiculed him, and perhaps they even provided sound evidence based upon the common knowledge at the time to back up their case of why a light bulb was impossible to create.

Irritated yet undeterred, Edison went back to his lab to work on this invention of the light bulb. Late one evening after a series of thousands of trials and failures, the light bulb was created. In a jubilant voice, he shouted “Ha! They don’t know Jack S@#$!”

Jack appears to be quite a supporting and knowledgeable guy. He would totally be someone who I would want in my corner whenever I was pursuing a dream or goal. I think Jack S@#$ is mentioned after a salesperson walks out of a client’s office with an order that “They” said could never be closed. Jack also is talked about when someone becomes the first in generations to go to college, start a business, or travel the world; much to the dismay of “They”.

My challenge to you is to be conscious of how often your actions are dictated by the limiting factors of “They” instead of inviting “Jack” to come along for the ride. Keep in my that no one ever erected a statue dedicated to a critic.
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