Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do You Have a Postcard?

So I'm walking the dog the other night. It is a beautiful June evening on the Mississippi river, I can see the lights of Iowa cascading across the still waters of the river. Pelicans are floating, frogs are well, doing whatever the heck frogs do, and life is good. At that moment I realized that this evening was a postcard worthy event.

When people travel, they typically pick up souvenirs to remember a specific event. Pictures are the same way. What a great way to remember a fun trip or journey! However, what is life other than a journey? Here are a few postcards that I have lived in the last few days:
1. The smile on Alex's face when he struck a kid out.
2. The look on someone's face when I paid them a genuine compliment.
3. The "yipee" factor of closing a big deal.
4. The rush I felt when Shelly said "Yes" when I asked her to marry me.
5. The serenity of listening to nature.
6. Hearing people close to me tell me that I'm loved.

This represents just a few that came to mind. What are your rules for postcards? Are you setting yourself up for failure by setting impossible standards, or are you rewarding every step along the way?

Think about it...

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