Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can I get an "Amen!"

"Amen!" screams the audience in a church, stadium, or other venue. It is a simple word that just means to approve of what was just said. While it is mainly used in a spiritual sense, many people unknowingly offer their "Amen" to dis-empowering things and negativity. Here's the scenario:

"Paul" is talking to a co-worker. "Wow, times are tough out there."
"Amen" says "Betty"
"I wonder when all this madness will ever stop." Paul continues. "There is no growth, money, there is so much negativity. This is crazy!"
"Amen" is the reply.

Think about the negative thoughts that "Betty" just planted in her head. They will grow. You reap what you sow. Unfortunately, most people sow crummy thoughts which turn into crummy actions which turn into crummy reality. Then the water cooler talk begins again.

The overwhelming need that many of my clients want me to share with their group is the power of changing the negative into a positive. You can't ignore reality, but you can make a decision to acknowledge it and do something about it. Would you notice a few weeds sprouting up in your garden and say, "Damn, these weeds are going to overtake this garden. I wonder when the garden stimulus program will be passed?" Heck no! You bend down and pull the little suckers out!

Here are a couple of things to chew on:
1. When someone starts in on how negative something is (it is usually the economy these days, even though studies have shown that 90% of America has the same paycheck as 18 months ago), respond with "I understand, now let me tell you what I'm doing to improve my reality.
2. Be prepared for them to either leave or resent you as they only wanted an ear for their pity party. If you live in your pity party, you are pitiful.
3. Sharpen your skills. Don't wait for your company, church, or the government to give you some kind of a program. Join a Toastmasters group to sharpen your communication, take a college class, learn a new hobby. Who knows, you may find a very rewarding new passion! Don't wait for a hand out. I heard about the government offering a free report about teaching Americans to be better money managers. Isn't that a little ironic?!

Now that is an "Amen!"

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