Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where is Your Focus?

What an interesting time we live in. There is uncertainty everywhere. Socialism has failed miserably everywhere in the world it has ever been tried. What the hell, let's try it here! Own a business and employ people? Let's take a larger portion of your income than the current 50% or so. Have a broken business model but have "been around for a long time?" Let's bail you out. Come on, that is like a Weight Watchers group meeting at McDonalds!

The good news is that success is abounding everywhere. Despite the news, despite Washington, despite what you may read; if you make up your mind to be successful and are flexible, you will be! Let me share a few observations from yesterdays conversation with a few clients:
1. Massage Therapist- "I am booked for 2 weeks out! I am actually turning people away."
2. T Shirt and promotional products person- "I don't know what slow down they are talking about; we have found the markets that need to be served and are serving them better than anyone. Business is booming!"
3. Mortgage professionals (many)- "We are so crazy busy! Another RECORD month is about to happen!"

Here's what we are going to do: I am going to start a program or vblog on the anti-news. It seems that people can feel happy and optimistic until they discover that they should feel guilty that they are not living in a cardboard box. Look for this coming soon! I will also be showcasing success stories with many of the blogs. You can view the first one today. Coach K is a superstar realtor and a great friend from Coldwell Banker At Your Service Realty in Rochester, MN. He is a full time teacher and part time realtor. His knowledge and people skills, coupled with great branding and marketing have made him unstoppable!

If you have any success stories or sayings, please send them to my assistant at

Yours in Success

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